Second Amendment Protection Plan

Take the time today to research and interview who you want to represent you in the event you, like so many, are forced to use deadly force. 

Finding an experienced and  knowledgeable attorney to counsel you before you must use your weapon, and hiring that attorney in advance of the critical event could mean the difference between freedom and life imprisonment. 

Having your lawyer on call 24/7, to be there immediately at the time of the event, representing you is essential to not having charges filed against you or, in the event they are, to insuring a solid defense and a finding of “Not Guilty!” 

Waiting until after you are involved in a tragic event to find a trusted lawyer places you at an extreme disadvantage with law enforcement. This is disadvantage you simply cannot afford.  Don’t take this risk!  It could result in serious life consequences for you.

What is included:

  • Attorney Doug Friesen on call 24/7 for any gun-related incident.

  • Self-incrimination prevention – you won’t have to speak to police.

  • Trial Prevention Services.

  • Full legal representation up to charges filed. Doug has a 100% success rate at avoiding any charges with clients who follow his simple advice.

  • Direct email access so Doug can answer any legal questions concerning the Second Amendment.

  • One free hour of legal consultation annually on any subject.

 Choose from a variety of budget plans for you, your significant other, or your family.

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Annual Plans

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