Second Amendment Plan

Your Gun Lawyer wants gun owners to remember you have a Right to own a self-defense firearm. With that Right comes a responsibility, to your family, of having protection in place that prevents you from being charged with murder when using your firearm for self-defense.

Attorney Doug Friesen, among the most experienced and respected Second Amendment attorneys in the nation, has created the Second Amendment Protection Plan. This package of services combine to create what he believes to be the most effective method of keeping gun owners out of trial and away from a murder conviction.


The Protection Plan


  • Attorney Doug Friesen on call 24/7 for any gun-related incident.

  • Self-incrimination prevention – you won’t have to speak to police.

  • Trial Prevention Services.

  • Full legal representation up to charges filed. Doug has a 100% success rate at avoiding any charges with clients who follow his simple advice.

  • Direct email access so Doug can answer any legal questions concerning the Second Amendment.

  • One free hour of legal consultation annually on any subject.

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